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Voice of Some Singers is so sweet and peaceful that it really makes our day. Tulsi Kumar is also one of the singers with a beautiful voice that will surely make you mind relax and calm.

Tulsi Kumar: The beautiful singer with a beautiful voice

Tulsi Kumar is an Indian singer known for her amazing voice and gorgeous beauty. She started with her career in music as backing tracks for Bollywood movies. Her debut album Love Ho Jaye was released in the year 2009 and also with this album she made a music video for this track. Tulsi Kumar the beautiful face has lent her voice to various top films of Bollywood. Faring well in music competitions in school, she was enrolled into classical music classes at a music academy in Mumbai at the age of seven.

Her voice is really melodic which makes people go into the music completely and feel each and every words that are sung. She creates entertainment and fun through her voice in a particular song. For Tulsi Kumar her voice is her identity, her voice is that awesome that she is recognised through it. Ashaji, Kishoreji and Rafiji have all been major influences as far as my music is concerned,” says Kumar, who also listens to Arabic tunes and loves the “soulful” voice of Arijit Singh.

She has a beautiful voice with a beautiful face. Along with her amazing voice, her beauty is what that attracts the people and make them a favourite amongst all others. She is seen having a duet with many popular and well-known singers.

Tulsi Kumar has won many awards for her songs that are sung by her in various movies. The best award that she got is the Excellence in the Field of Music award. She has updates on her Instagram regarding her amazing song videos and her gorgeous picture and her beautiful glowing beauty. Which shows that Tulsi Kumar is a beautiful singer with a beautiful voice.

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