Seventeen is quite the popular K-pop band. The band has 13 members and quite often than not, it can get quite chaotic. These boys have revealed quite a few chaotic stories over the years. And this particular one will definitely spark a tiny bit of envy in you!

Hoshi once talked about his dream about owning a bakery and he also revealed what or rather who inspired the dream as well! The ordeal started when DK shared that he had once wanted to own a meat restraint just so he could get as much meat as he wanted.

This sparked a memory for Hoshi as well! He seemed to have a similar dream! He had wanted to own a bakery and sell, ‘carp-shaped bean-jam buns’.

Hoshi said that the reason he wanted to own a bun bakery was “Because the owner of the buns in my village was really handsome.”

But that wasn’t where the story ended. He added how hard the owner worked on the buns. He mentioned how cool he would look while he worked in the buns from scratch. He said, “It was hot, but he would put the flour here with no hesitation. He would put in the red beans.”

After seeing the owner go thoughts the whole process, Hoshi was left amazed. Hoshi admitted, “I fell for him at that time.”

While this little crush could be jealousy-inducing, Carats might also understand how someone could get a bit of a crush on another who shows just how skilled and passionate they are!

Here is a link to a YouTube short of Hoshi’s story,

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