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COVID-19: 5 times ‘positive’ singer Kanika Kapoor finally tests ‘negative’

Ever since the time singer Kanika Kapoor tested positive for the novel Coronavirus aka. COVID-19 for the first time, she has been having a tough time. From being trolled all over for her casual approach as she did live performances even after having returned from abroad to almost facing mass massacre and murder charges, she has gone through it all.

Add to that, not once, not twice but she has been tested positive for five times and that had certainly taken a toll on her mental health. But finally, there is some sigh of relief for the ‘Baby Doll’ singer as after her latest test, she has finally been found negative.

Kudos to Kanika for being a strong lady and handling things with perfection and grit. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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