We all dig out the same old Holi songs like , Jai Jai shiv Shankar(which is not really a Holi song) Holi ke din dil khil jaate hain, Holi aeee re aeee re and Rang barse every year. How about trying these disarming Holi songs that you probably never heard?

1. Rang ras barse hai dheere dheere(Yaar Kasam):A 1985 potboiler with music by the underrated Usha Khanna(Jane Campion must have had Usha in mind when she spoke of fighting against the men in the entertainment industry), this Holi song provides the rare double treat of bringing two of our most accomplished contemporary male vocalists Yesudas and Hariharan in a rare fun mode. They are normally associated with quasi-philosophical reflective songs, right? Watch them let their hair down in this rumbustious Holi song. Composer Usha Khanna also joins in the revelry.

2. Bhagi Re Bhagi Brij Bala(Rajput): Vijay Anand had an exceptional flair for filming songs. This Holi song in Rajput—the only other Holi sequence that Vijay Anand shot was for his classic Guide—was a kaleidoscope of colours and robust vocals by Mahendra Kapoor singing for Dharmendra, Manhar Udhas singing for Vinod Khanna, while Asha Bhosle sings for both Hema Malini and Ranjita Kaur.

3. Jogira holi khele nandlal (Godaan): Sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar composed this gem of a Holi song for this 1963 adaptation of Munshi Premchand’s Hindi literary classic. This traditional Holi song contains authentic sounds of celebration harnessed together by Mohammed Rafi’s intoxicating rendering. The chorus line adds to the mood of revellery.

4. Dalenge dalenge rang(Mera Dost): Laxmikant-Pyarelal brought together Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh in this melodious, unusually subdued Holi song in this 1969 forgotten soundtrack which has some fabulous songs .I don’t recall Lataji doing any other Holi song with Mukesh. The two were normally paired for somber duets. This one sees them in a fun and frolic mode.

5. Mal de gulaal mohe (Kaamchor):No sa-ra-ra-ra-ra. No Holi haiiiiiii. Just the two voices of Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar underlined by a quietly captivating chorus and a melody that favours a muted festivity. A very unusual Holi song composed by Rajesh Roshan.

6. Kora tann kori kaya(Lakshmi): An absolute patakha of a Holi song composed by the underrated Usha Khanna.One of our rare female music composers, she infused a new life in the stereotypical Holi song with some unusual cadences and funky beats that did not sacrifice the traditional reet (ritual) for a modern heat. Lataji and Kishore Kumar sang for a spirited Raj Babbar and Reena Roy on screen.

7. Neela peela hara gulabi kachha pukka rang (Aap Beati): Dream Girl Hema Malini’s most popular Holi song is the one in Sholay . But I much prefer this gorgeous Laxmikant Pyarelal composition where Lataji is joined by Mahendra Kapoor and Manna Dey . The consequent concoction is as heady as bhang.

8. Kinne sang khelu holi(non film): A traditional Holi number written by Meera Bai about lamenting instead of celebrating during Holi. Why does every Holi number have to be about revelry celebration and embracing love and togetherness?What about those who are not fortunate enough to be with their loved one on this colourful day? Hridaynath Mangeshkar composes this peerless song which his sister Lata Mangeshkar sings to supreme sublimity.

9. Holi re holi rangon ki doli(Paraya Dhan): When it comes to unholy thoughts this Holi this song takes the cake . This is the attractive Holi song in Hindi cinema. The beats suggest an eroticism that no other Holi song can even dare to achieve. No surprise that Asha Bhosle sings like a quivering queenbee that she is .But to hear Manna Dey sounding so laden with lust is a shock. This is R D Burman’s best Holi song, far superior to that awful Holi ke din in Sholay.