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A R Rahman has left the industry in shock

A R Rahman Alleges Gangeism, Industry Shocked

A R Rahman claims there is a gang operating against his interests in Bollywood. Most of Bollywood is in a state of disbelief.

“This man has always been welcomed with open arms in Bollywood. What is he talking about? The kind of respect he gets in the Indian film industry is very rare. Which gang is he talking about?” asks a leading producer.

Taapsee Pannu a big Rahman fan is dismayed by the celebrated composer’s allegation. “I feel it’s so useless because no matter what Rahman sir composes we will listen to it and give it our love. For his fans like us, he is beyond such petty politics.”

Shekhar Suman who has lately been virulently vocal about the groupism in Bollywood says he knows exactly what Rahman is saying, “He is saying what I’ve been shouting for the last one and a half months incessantly. As a matter of fact, I only said that nepotism is a wrongly used term. It is actually gangeism. Nepotism is prevalent everywhere and it is not detrimental or dangerous.Gangeism is. The MOB that controls the film industry is dangerous insidious and intimidating. If someone like Rahman feels and says so you can imagine what must be happening to the hundreds of Sushants trying for a foothold.”

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta feels his talk of gangeism doesn’t befit the narrative of Rahman’s iconic stardom. “I would be surprised if any such thing(gangeism) really exists. He is a maestro and I can speak for myself: I will give an arm and a leg and more to work with him. It is a dream. And Inshallah will be fulfilled.”

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