Kailash Kher is one of the most loved and admired singers and performing artistes that we have in the country at present. The man has been entertaining one and all with his scintillating and entertaining presence for the longest time and well, given the kind of cult songs that he’s delivered from his end, it’s only natural that fans have always showered him with a lot of love and affection. Some of his songs are hummed by one and all and that truly makes it all the way more special.

Whenever he performs in live concerts and other places, it is nothing less than a visual delight and a spectacle for the audience all over the country. This time however, something really unusual and awkward happened at his end. As per the latest media reports in NDTV, during his last show and concert in Karnataka, a bottle was thrown at him from the crowd. Reportedly, the fan was angry at the singer for apparently singing only Hindi songs. Two locals – Pradeep, 22, and Surah, 21 – were arrested in this regard and their statements have been recorded.

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