Kanika Kapoor's behaviour draws flak from fellow industry acquaintances

Singer Kanika Kapoor Brings Lucknow To  Grinding Halt,  Singer-Parliamentarian Baabul Supriyo Lashes  Out

Kanika ‘Baby Doll’ Kapoor’s irresponsible anti-social behaviour has shocked and embarrassed the entire film fraternity. Veteran composer Bappi Lahiri has described Kannika’s behaviour irresponsible. And I in an exclusive chat with me singer-parliamentarian has asked for strict action against Kanika.

Hiding her international travel history and then partying in Lucknow with symptoms of Coronavirus has put a question mark on celebrity conduct at large.

Hours after Ms Kapoor’s behaviour was exposed, a prominent female singer who wishes to remain anonymous described Kanika’s behaviour as “uncivil and socially inappropriate,”

“She is a disgrace to our film fraternity. Her behaviour projects the entire entertainment industry as shallow, hypocritical and insensitive. She should be punished by the law,” said the co-singer.

In fact, sources reveal that the Uttar Pradesh government is poised to file an FIR against Ms Kapoor for putting the country in danger. Many parts of Lucknow near to where Kanika resided and partied were locked down after Kanika’s indiscreet health-hazardous conduct was outed.

Commenting on her conduct, singer and BJP cabinet minister Baabul Supriyo said, “This is I very inappropriate and ‘Baby Doll-ish’ behaviour. But I hope she recovers soon and I wish everyone who partied with her would remain uncontaminated. The host of the party and the guests who attended are equally guilty of a highly irresponsible act.”

Asked if legal action should be taken against Kanika, Baabul says, “Yes, if the allegations of her jumping airport screening are true.”

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