Bucket hats are the ideal form and style for every occasion, with a relaxed silhouette. Look no farther than the multipurpose bucket hat if your hair isn’t cooperating, you’re too lazy to wash it, or you want to make a statement with your everyday attire.

K-pop fashion never fails to pique our interest. Minghao has a habit of accessorizing his clothing with one-of-a-kind bucket hats. By styling some cool bucket hats that add extra trendiness to the outfit and give huge fashion ambitions to gen-z, he appears to be giving significant ‘Pinteresty’ Goals. His bucket hats match the color of the outfits he wears, which is significant stylistic advice, all of this adds to the outfit’s overall vibe.

And including Minghao, Vernon is a part of the SEVENTEEN group. He also looks to accessorize sleek, contemporary bucket hats, which gives significant outfit goals. He appears to have a collection of cartoon-faced bucket hats in addition to wearing the same color bucket hats, giving us the hint of bringing out the inner child.

These idols’ styling advice sticks out from the rest. Here’s how we can take note of them and style like these idols.

Use muted and neutral-toned colors as a starting point.
Make your outfit monochrome.
Make your hat stand out by wearing one that is bright or textured.
A bucket hat completes a breezy springtime ensemble

Remember that adorning one’s attire is a big goal for today’s youth. It’s now all up to you to style Bucket hats to best known outfit goals.