Do you want to know where Seventeen band members live? A Look Inside The Elegant Residence Of The Versatile Singers

Wanna Know Where Seventeen Members Live? A Sneak Peek Inside The Beautiful Home Of The Versatile Singers

SEVENTEEN The “My Family Bear Kid” sharing group narrative included Fu Sheng Yuan and Vernon. The crowd is compelled to take a photo. XD (It’s not easy living with 13 people under one roof.)

SEVENTEEN is a prominent boy band that has been around for six years and still has 13 members. Shin Dongye, the host of “My Bear Boy,” paid them a visit. There are so many people who perform and live together. Is it possible that you need to roll your name? Members also discussed the benefits and drawbacks of other multi-person organizations.

After their debut, most bands stay together for a long period. They were, as far as we knew, separated between two dorms on two different levels of the same building. On one floor, there are six members, and on the other, there are seven. On their 2019 edition of The Manager, you can see a few of their dorms. This might have altered because they shift dorms every 2–3 years.

Fu Shengkuan has stated that:

Since my debut, no matter where I go or what I do, I will always roll my names according to my age, and I will only begin when the count has been finished. At least three individuals will go to the bathroom together, and I will undoubtedly find a companion. The number of moving vehicles has also increased, from three at the start to five presently, which is more pleasant.

The GOT7 lads used to live in a dorm, but now they all have their own apartments, especially since their departure from JYP Entertainment earlier this year.