NCT boys Jisung and Renjun perform a grand synchronised dance together to the song ‘Life is still going on’

NCT is one of the foremost bands from K-pop music genre. Created by the label SM Entertainment back in 2016, the boy band has nevertheless managed to earn a huge popularity all across the globe since their onstage performances. Given their groovy top-notch singles and solos to date, the band not only gripped a foothold, but also the members have roared to become some of the most-loved K-pop idols.

That being said, NCT’s Jinsung and Renjun do have a special space out of all. The duo’s grand chemistry on board and killer versatile talent, have always kept their fans hooked and turned to their profiles. With which, the boys have now again dropped in some fresh-hand dance videos on social media, performing a groovy synchronised dance to their song ‘Life is still going on’. Followed by some pops and hits, the boys left their fans to go gush again.


Another commented, “Did you really make it, even though the promise was up in the bubble, I didn’t expect it to even be up on Instagram and Renjun did a double kill, thank you Jisung for keeping the promise.”

A third user wrote, “After Taemin, Kai, now Jisung. SM is really hockey when you’re looking for a dancer”

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