Best of Arijit Singh's LIVE spectacular performances

4 Unexpected Performances Of Arijit Singh’s LIVE You Cannot MISS

Arijit Singh won our hearts since day one when we heard his rendition singing Phir Mohabbat. The song pushed a wave of current through our body, making us mesmerized at such raw full of emotions in his voice. His captivating way of singing since then has everyone going crazy for him.

If you ever get a chance to watch Arijit Singh’s performance at a concert, the experience is worth bottling up and keeping the memory as one of the best-prized possessions. While we all are under lockdown, there has been a significant change in how we look at things. Our perspective and way of life have changed greatly, and, at such times, listening to Arijit Singh’s voice while sitting on a balcony, sipping tea, looking at the sunset will give you a different vibe altogether.

But if you ever go or get a chance, never miss his LIVE performance. There are many videos on YouTube but have the experience in person and are way more magical than you could ever think of. Given below are the top 4 performances by Arijit Singh that are worth stealing your every second. Just sit, close your eyes, and experience the melody hitting your ears. It’s bliss, especially when you know it is Arijit Singh.

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