The coming of monsoon has lead to romantic feels. So here are some best Arijit Singh's romantic songs for monsoon

5 Arijit Singh’s Romantic Songs For Monsoon

The storm is not just about the pitter-patter of the raindrops. It is a feeling where people sit on their balconies looking at the falling rain with a cup of hot steamy chai and bhajiyas. That is how you make fun of the shower. For some, it is mugs of coffees with a good read.

On the contrary, the rainy season is not all pleasant and fun. It is also the season of road clogging, traffic jam, unexpected downpour, and more importantly feel of romance. It doesn’t matter if you have someone or you are single. You don’t need a reason to go dancing in the rain. And for that, you need some excellent playlist options. Who else could have done it better than filling our expectations as Arijit Singh does?

We present to you a top monsoon playlist that is a must on a rainy day. Be it a bright, happy day or just a gloomy cat and dog rainy one, there is always something to listen to when it’s Arijit Singh. With his music, your monsoon would be special, whether you have the special someone or not. Here are your top favorites

Saanson Ko

Teri Meri Kahaani

Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse

Sawali Si Raat


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