Celebrate your falling in love with these Arijit Singh's tracks that are perfect for affection

6 Arijit Singh’s Songs To Play While You Fall In Love

Everyone is aware of, and it is no big secret that Arijit Singh is the King of romantic tracks. He is one of the marvelous singers in Bollywood. From singing romance hits to giving some great party-rockers, he indeed has won the hearts of masses. His voice will get goosebumps over your skin, for his voice is immaculate.

Bollywood has been a melting pot of numerous cultures. You will find a love story from every time and region. Bollywood and romance have been a gold combination. When those love tracks are mingled with Arijit Singh’s voice, they give out raw emotions that have been close to the hearts of masses. Arijit Singh has now and again with his melodic voice has tried and brought passionate feels out of the listeners. He is a pure heart winner.

Add these dramatic love ballads that speak the feeling of love every time you fall in love. They will perfectly sync with your vibes.



Tera Yaar Hoon Main

Itni Si Baat Hain


Tum Hi Ho

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