Some hard to resist Arijit Singh's tracks. Add them to your playlist

7 Arijit Singh’s Songs You Shouldn’t Miss

Several people consider music to be the best escort. Just plug in your cords, and you can turn the whole world off. It takes you to the entirely new realm of music that is stress-free. If you have a right playlist, then you can escape in the abyss without any care. And the best vocals to escape with are Arijit Singh’s.

Arijit Singh has captivated everyone with his soulful voice. He can make your rainy day feel like sunshine all bright and mellow, and you were sitting on soft hay. He transfers the songs into the hearts of listeners and makes them hypnotized by his voice. He can make you feel in love as well as his songs can help you mend your broken heart.

A charming voice like Arijit Singh is hard to miss. Here are a few lists of songs that you can add to your playlist, and they are hard to resist. Listen to them once, and the melody would be buzzing in your head for the whole day.

Some of Arijit Singh’s cheery charming vocals that are a must for your playlist

Rahogi Meri







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