Let’s have fun and stay-at-home get more worthwhile with Arijit Singh at his very best

9 Arijit Singh’s songs to help get you through self-quarantine!

Let’s have these some famous tracks and play them on full volume as they work as the best therapy against boredom. Well, unless you get hit by a flying chappal you are all fine playing that song and having the best time of your quarantine times and doing it all right.

Arijit Singh is one of the best singers we have and his songs are loved by all (so maybe the flying chappal might get delayed). You can feel loads of emotions through his songs and each of his songs is a hit. It all began from Tum Hi Ho and right now he stands to be the undisputed necessity for both romantic and heartbreak tracks.

So maybe no other than Arijit Singh would be a great option to play and make us all feel soothing. He is the soon to be a legend of the industry. Here are a few tracks you can’t miss







Haan Tum Ho


Rahogi Meri

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