Have quarantine masti with these Arijit Singh's soundtracks on full blast

Arijit Singh: Here’s Our Quarantine Soundtrack Playlist

Who could have known the voice mending our broken hearts as our comfort zone in this 2020 pandemic year? Arijit Singh has been the king of romantic renditions, and he has always impressed us with his close to our heart soulful songs. With us all being at home, people have become more aware of mental health. And we all know the best remedy we could have is Music! It is not just mindfully pleasing but also very therapeutic.

Arijit Singh’s voice is here to do all the work when we feel frustrated, happy, sad, or just having mixed vibes. And what could be more motivating than listening to songs by Arijit Singh at midnight? Music has been therapeutic and the new vogue that helps us keep away from daily agony.

Add these striking tracks by Arijit Singh that are perfect for your everyday situations and perfect entertainment while at quarantine.

Binte Dil

Ullu Ka Pattha


Ik Vaari Aa


Aaja Mahi

Which is your favorite Arijit Singh’s song for quarantine? Tell us in the comments below.

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