Arijit Singh and his wife Koel Singh have been giving us ultimate love goals. Here's their mantra for the same

Arijit Singh And His Mantras For A Happily Ever Married Life

Arijit Singh, with his wife Koel Singh, has given us relationship goals numerous times. And the most important thing about their relationship is that we don’t know anything! When couples always keep their lives updated on social media, it is then when their relationship starts to damage little by little. Because we look up to others and wish for the same. Trying to compete. But looking at Arijit and Koel Singh, they have kept their lives private and away from the public eye. This is not just helpful but also great for a healthy relationship.

Arijit Singh is camera shy, and so he always keeps an arms distance from cameras and social media. In one interview, he also revealed that the hate comments that he receives affect him, and therefore to stay happy and criticism-free, his team filters the comments before he sees them. It is the same as what he has done with his relationship. He has drawn a barrier between his personal and professional life. He decides what should be shown to the public and whatnot. And that is the most important mantra for a healthy, happy relationship.

No social media or showing it off to your partner in the public eye will get right out of it. And people are waiting just to sabotage your relationship therefore, never give people access to your private life.

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