Arijit Singh and his most growing song that has been getting a major amount of viewers on YouTube

Arijit Singh and his viral songs on Youtube

Arijit Singh is the one to be considered as the voice of the generation who has the most soothing and sensual voice. You might have heard hundreds of Bollywood songs but the songs that have been delivered by Arijit Singh have always been immaculate.

It’s like Arijit Singh just knows how to pull the right chord by stirring the right kind of emotion in the listener. He is the one to give comfort to you during your sleepless nights. One surely is blessed to have a voice like that.

When talking about viral songs of Arijit Singh, which of his songs has not been one? There’s always an Arijit Singh song that has gone viral just minutes after its release and many of you would agree on that.

Here are a few of many songs by Arijit Singh that have been flourished with time on YouTube.

Tum Hi Ho,

Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse,

Sanam Re,

Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum,

Channa Mereya,

Ik Vaari Aa,


These are a few of Arijit Singh songs that have gone viral minutes after it got released and after listening to them, we don’t see a reason as to why they shouldn’t.

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