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Here are some of the best to the worst performance by Arijit Singh from his Fame Gurukul times

Arijit Singh’s BEST And WORST Performances From Fame Gurukul

Arijit Singh today is a name that is chanted on every tongue. He is the versatile king of the music industry, who is one of the finest singers currently. Though he has sung majorly in Hindi and Bengali, he has lent his voice in other regional films as well. His voice will melt you and make you embrace every emitted emotion mesmerizing the listeners. Numerous people hum the majority of his songs, he is in full swing, releasing one hit track after another.

Arijit Singh belongs to a simple family. His maternal family was more inclined towards music. That’s where the music pumping in veins comes from in Arijit Singh. Since a kid, he used to take lessons from the three Hazari brothers, one of whom later advised him to participate in the singing contest Fame Gurukul. Though he couldn’t win the show, he certainly caught the eye of a director who later proposed him a song for his upcoming film.

Arijit Singh gave one of the best performances while at the show. Fame Gurukul helped him to establish a lasting career giving him a platform to show off his talents. But not everyone has their best days. Sometimes Arijit Singh gave one of the top performances that left the judges in awe while he seemed to be a disappointment a few times. Below are a few Arijit Singh’s videos with his best to the worst performance in Fame Gurukul.

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