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Arijit Singh’s Lifestyle And Controversy Revealed

Arijit Singh has been one of the most extraordinary voices in the Hindi and Bengali music industry and has given voice to songs in other languages like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and more. He lives a straightforward lifestyle with his kids and wife.

Despite earning colossal respect and fame, Arijit Singh is one of the most respected music industry artists. One irony that surrounds him is that he is camera shy. He might be popular and loved by the masses, but he is extremely shy to face the crowd. By nature, he is a very humble human being and very kind. Despite being immensely popular, he did not own a car and used to stand in queue for whatever reasons. He never misused his fame for his gains.

Arijit Singh, despite being a straightforward and simple man, got entangled into a controversial mess. He had an unintentional dispute with Salman Khan, which later got blown into massive messy water. Later Arijit Singh even issued a public apology on Facebook, and the argument was the talk of the town for many months.

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