Neha and her Punjabi music bash

Best of Acoustic Version of Punjabi Folk Songs by Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin known for her Bollywood and Punjabi folk songs has made her presence known. She is the winner of 9 awards and has been nominated for many. She recently surprised her fans with the acoustic version of Punjabi folk songs, that she claims to have brought her back to her roots. She is also well trained at classical. Her voice is something that will make you all swoon all over her.

So here are a few of our Punjabi folk songs for all music lovers.

Nai Jaana 2016

This song has more than 23million views. This song is for bidaai that will truly make the bride gush with emotions.

Akh Kashni 2015

A beautifully sung folk for all music lovers especially all the Punjabi fans. This is a must add to your playlist.

Meri Odhe Naal 2019

A Punjabi flavored song of slow bhangra music is something that one can listen to a hundred times on loop and still never get tired of it.

Chan Mahi 2017

This number got her just 6,00,000 in 10 days. This is one of the best and spectacular tracks.

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