Having a hard time working from home? Play these top Arijit Singh's tracks that will raise your mood

Best Arijit Singh’s Fun Songs To Play At Work

For many during this pandemic working from home has turned into horsewhip from home. Boss calling and asking the work to be done at any time of the day. Missing every day “will miss the train or train were late” wala bhana. Family thinking all you do is timepass, and so asking you to help them every two minutes, and hence you are breaking your concentration from work. And not to mention all the noise distractions from kids to the kitchen. Yeah! It is a hard time.

For people who are used to a bit of hum and buzz from your office now have to endure the nagging from family. And it is not pleasant at all to work from home. So to lift your spirits and makeup with your mood so that you can adequately concentrate and walk with some fun as well as soothing music to the background, Arijit Singh is here to your rescue, with some of his most fabulous add fun playlists.

Lift your work spirits high and play these tracks in your background and get pumped up with the help of some good songs we’ve pulled together.


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Chori Chori



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