Lata Mangeshkar has been a favorite and inspiration for numerous singers. Let’s find what Kumar Sanu has to talk about her

Check Out What Kumar Sanu talks about Lata Mangeshkar!

Lata Mangeshkar is the iconic singer of the Bollywood music industry. She is one of the most reputed singers and many composers and singers aspire to work with her. Here is Kumar Sanu talking about one such experience he had with this legendary singer that left him lost for words.

Kumar Sanu, in an interview, revealed that as a kid he used to listen and try to imitate Lata Mangeshkar sing. He was very fascinated with her voice. And used to religiously listen to her singing. After him becoming a renowned singer, he always aspired and wished he could sing a duet with Lata didi. And well that came as a surprise for him. Because his wish came true.

There was a movie Naya Sawan where he was supposed to sing and was not aware with whom he was to sing a duet. And when Lata Mangeshkar entered the room according to Kumar Sanu it was like he couldn’t believe his eyes. As a kid, the boy who grew up listening to his icon sing now got an opportunity to sing a duet with. Well that was what made him very nervous and when he spoke to her, Lata Mangeshkar boosted his spirit with encouragement.

In the video, Kumar Sanu also stated the fact that it is Lata Mangeshkar’s compliment of him being an amazing singer that has made him believe in himself and no matter what others say and criticize him for it doesn’t matter to him.

Here below we have embedded the video of Kumar Sanu speaking so very fondly of Lata Mangeshkar.

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