Here are some Arijit Singh’s romantic songs for your sweetheart

Don’t forget to add these Arijit Singh’s romantic songs in your playlist

Ever had one of those moments where you just feel like you could have met that person sooner? Or just the realistic version of Arijit Singh’s romantic vocal? Well yeah, that’s when it’s the cue to say you are in love.

Arijit Singh has the power in his voice where he will make you feel the love all a hundred times more. He will show you how it just happens and when it does it surely is the best thing to have ever had happened. Listening to him sing and making oneself feel to fall in love is as effortless as intake of breath.

Here are a few of Arijit Singh’s vocals that will represent your love for your sweetheart and are must-have ones.



Yeh Fitoor Mera,

Janam Janam,

Ek Dil Ek Jaan,

Aaj Se Teri,

Well weren’t these songs by Arijit Singh just illuminating? Yes, that’s his way of making you fall in love.

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