NCT, especially NCT 127, is renowned for experimenting with a variety of musical and fashion trends. Their haircuts, in particular, demonstrate how daring they can be. Here are 11 of their most bizarre haircuts that still leave NCTzens scratching their heads as to what the stylists were thinking. The NCT boy band has some of the strangest hairstyles. See them here.

Gelled Strips

Not only is this hairdo one of NCT’s craziest, but it’s also one of their funniest. One of the strangest decisions ever made was to gel together hair pieces from Jaehyun’s light blond hair into strips.

Cotton Candy

There was nothing unique about the way Winwin’s hair was groomed. The vivid pink and yellow colors closely resemble those of cotton candy. It’s even more strange because of their peculiar arrangement of them together.


Mark is skilled at a variety of looks. But this one wouldn’t work for anyone. The quantity of volume and frizz made the many shades of hair color and the unidentified texture seem weirder. It was just made more visible by the bandanna.

Curls On Top Of Curls

Jisung’s extreme curly hair for “Chewing Gum” caught people’s attention.

Max Volume

Think again if you assumed Taeil was moving when this picture was shot. For “Fire Truck,” if his bright blond hair wasn’t already distinctive enough, a tonne of volume was added, giving it one of their strangest looks yet.

Voluminous Waves

For Yuta, having wavy hair would have been far too easy. The more extra volume, the better, to complement NCT’s strong aesthetic.