BLACKPINK's charisma made the boy band group fall off them from BTS V to NCT Jaehyun and others. Check out the list!

BLACKPINK is a Korean K-pop girl band group consisting of four members: Rose, Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie. This girl band is the most famous female band in the world. They have the highest subscribed YouTube channel of the girl band. The band is known for its captivating vocalist and gorgeous appearance. All four members are extremely cute and cute. You can’t get enough of their looks. And it is obvious anybody would fall for such Beauty. However, here’s time we have noticed other boy band members who have felt the same.

1. Kang Daniel got misunderstood when Jisoo greeted him.

At an event, Kang Daniel thought Jisoo waved at him, and he waved back but quickly realized she didn’t. This incident was odd but let’s pretend it never happened.

2. Wanna One members turn into fanboys of BLACKPINK.

These boys have regularly shown their love for Blackpink; whenever they hear Blackpink music, they cannot stop themselves from dancing to it.

3. BTS’s craze during the BLACKPINK performance.

EXO had no clue that BTS boys are fanboys of BLACKPINK behind their back.

4. V’s reaction to watching Rosé’s “Whistle” stage.

For BLACKPINK’s performance V continuously stared at Rose, and he was completely enraptured.

5. Like V, Jungkook likes BLACKPINK.

For a live event, Jungkook Sang along to Whistle and seemed like he was desperate to go up on stage and dance along.

6. Fans spotted NCT’s Jaehyun glancing at Lisa.

At an event, Jaehyun looked at Lisa, sitting in the same row. And no doubt how someone will resist themselves when Lisa is so beautiful.

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