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Boost your mood with these Arijit Singh's songs that are a treat for the soul

Give Yourself A Treat Of These Top 5 Arijit Singh’s Songs

If we start naming the best artists in the modern music industry, then the name to the top is Arijit Singh. He is ruling the charts with his phenomenal voice. He has enthralled us by his melodious voice that has no match in the modern music industry. He started his singing career with a small television show Fame Gurukul and today has become a significant pillar of the industry.

A song that won millions of hearts Tum Hi Ho is where Arijit Singh’s musical journey commenced. Following then, there has been no seeing back for this versatile voice. A real gem blessed to the Bollywood music is no wonder living soon to be a legend. He has been compared to several other artists, but there will be no match for him.

The Arijit Singh we hear in-studio and his songs playing in films is very different from the Arijit we get to listen to in live concerts. He is ten times more mesmerizing when in a live performance. Give yourself a treat with these great songs by Arijit Singh that will soothe your soul.



Saanson Ko

Baatein Ye Kabhi Na


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