Yuna of ITZY has graduated from Hanlim Multi Arts School, and she documented her tiny celebration in a recent vlog on ITZY’s YouTube account. In the vlog, she shows fans around her classroom, including her desk and locker. She also snapped a lot of images, which she eventually shared on ITZY’s Instagram. Photographs of the idol posing at her workstation are included. She claimed to have slept off at her desk. 

And the wall behind her desk was covered in witty remarks from her friends. Along with the flower-adorned idol she received as a graduation gift. She also shared images with netizens who were awestruck by her outstanding visuals. However, after paying her final visit to her school and eating the traditional post-graduation jjajangmyeon, Yuna went to a cafe that she used to frequent as a student.

She recommends a yogurt smoothie with extra pearls to make it “more delightful” to her fans. She reminds fans that the time she could go to the cafe was her free time as she returned to JYP Entertainment for practice. “Healing time between school, practice, and work,” she says of her time at the cafe. Despite the fact that she claims to enjoy sweets, she isn’t normally a lover of sweet beverages.

The yogurt smoothie became an exception because of how healing the cafe was for her. She also makes it apparent, through laughter, that this isn’t at all a cafe advertisement. Balancing schoolwork and the demanding demands of being an idol could be a difficult task, but it’s nice that Yuna was able to relax and find time for herself. And perhaps it serves as a reminder to us all that we can find relaxation in simple, pleasurable moments.

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