Mrunal Thakur recently shared details about her adolescent hardships and how she overcame suicidal thoughts in college. Mrunal said in an interview with a news source that she would go by local rail throughout her college years. The actress recounted that she used to stand at the entrance and occasionally felt like jumping out.

Mrunal spilled some details about her journey, saying that her parents intended her to be a dentist, but she persuaded them to let her seek a degree in mass communication instead. Mrunal, on the other hand, said she felt bewildered when the course was not what she had expected. The actress also stated that living in Mumbai exacerbated her difficulties, but she was confident in her abilities.

The actress went on to say that she used to worry that if she didn’t perform properly, she would end up nowhere. Mrunal was concerned that she would be married and have children at the age of 23, which she did not desire. In an attempt to do something different, the actress said that she would hold auditions.

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