Mallika Sherawat, the diva needs no introduction. With her bold and sensuous onscreen work over the years, the actress has marked immense popularity in the industry. However, while her love life has always been in the public eye, the actress has now recently opened up that she is currently in a relationship and she definitely sees a future with him. However, she didn’t reveal her partner’s identity.

When asked if she is too busy for a relationship, Mallika said, “No, no, I have a great love in my life. Yes, in the beginning of my career, I was working and I was really busy but one evolves and one grows, and now, I am in a very comfortable place in my life. Love plays a huge part.”

She added, that even though people think that she parties all the time, it isn’t the case “I don’t like the party culture. I am more into a spiritual way of living, a holistic way. I love to sleep early. My boyfriend is always complaining, ‘Oh my God, are you a nun? You are always sleeping early. What is wrong with you?’” as quoted by Hindustan Times.