Read to know Seventeen’s Inspirational Journey

Revealed! Seventeen’s Inspirational Journey

Seventeen also known as SVT, is one of the popular South Korean boy band, which has earned millions of followers and fans so far. The group has 13 members divided into 3 sub-units that cover different and specific genre, Hip Hop, Vocal and Performance. They are known as the self-producing idol group, as they solely produce songs and are quite famous songwriters.

They started off on 2013 and used to appear in different Tv shows and other broadcasts of a show, Seventeen TV, the show had earned millions of fans by then with their tempting series, back to back. And with that, the boy band group rose to fame! And it was completely worth it! Being the first K-pop male group to carry on a one-hour live show, is really commendable and is something we should applaud them for!

With time and back to back hits, they became extremely popular amongst the youth of the country, and we can’t help but go gaga over their long-lasting, inspiring journey, whatsoever! What do you think of them?

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