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Take this quiz and know which Shankar Mahadevan's song can you relate the most

Take A Quiz To Know Which Shankar Mahadevan’s Song Speaks To Your Soul

Music is like a window to one’s soul. There are thousands of songs that have been sung on numerous emotions and for countless occasions. But not every piece feels like home. We cannot relate to each piece. And so take this quiz on Shankar Mahadevan’s songs that you can link yourself and know that it speaks to your soul.

• In the morning, when you wake up, which song would you love to hear every day for a fresh, rejuvenating start?

• You have a crush on someone and hope to express your feelings but in a subtle way. Which song would be your first pick?

• If given a choice to live the rest of your life listening to one music, which would you pick without getting bored with the melody?

• One song lyrics that you would always like as your pick up line?

• A tune that pops into your head whenever you hear Shankar Mahadevan’s name?

Which song could you relate to more than once? If we did not mention your favorite song by Shankar Mahadevan, let us know in the comments below.

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