Shake it off with these party numbers by Kanika Kapoor

Top 5 Kanika Kapoor’s Party Songs

The famous Baby Doll of Bollywood and we are not talking about Sunny Leone but the voice behind the track, Kanika Kapoor. We have a groove on her numerous songs, but one of her major hit was the earlier mentioned one. She started her famous journey into the music industry with Jungi Jee in 2012, and since then, she is positively associated with high pumping party tracks.

Kanika Kapoor has given Bollywood some of the best grooving playlists to twirl and swirl on all night long. Some of her songs became an overnight sensation, while others just perished. She has brought a new game changer to the typical Bollywood dance songs and is a significant recognition.

Kanika Kapoor keeps you on your toes dancing and singing, wishing the night never to end. If you are having a party, including her tracks on the playlist will help you the most as they are a must and are some of the most fun and fresh relatable vibe to the industry. Here are some of her top contributions.

Baby Doll

Beat Pe Booty

Shake Karaan

Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan


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