A video has been making rounds on social media, featuring a young man sporting a red turban and a pink shirt who bears an uncanny resemblance to the popular Indian singer, Arijit Singh. The video depicts the man singing some of Arijit’s well-known hits in a house that closely resembles Arijit Singh’s residence in Jiaganj, Murshidabad. However, it’s important to note that despite the striking resemblance, the man is not, in fact, the real Arijit Singh.

Video going viral, watch!

In a recently surfaced video, a cheerful young man, adorned in a turban and thick black-rimmed glasses, can be seen singing an array of popular songs with great gusto. At first glance, it may appear that the renowned Indian singer, Arijit Singh, is showcasing his vocal prowess in a familiar setting. However, the truth becomes apparent only upon perusing the video’s comments section, which reveals that the man in question is actually an Arijit Singh look-alike.

Netizens’ Reactions

The Arijit Singh doppelganger’s video has sparked a wave of criticism on social media platforms, with many lambasting the young man for attempting to emulate the celebrated singer. A netizen’s comment summed it up succinctly, stating that donning a turban and mimicking a smile alone does not suffice to become Arijit. Others chose to ridicule the youth by humorously labeling him ‘Arijit Singh Light.’ Many onlookers seem to believe that resorting to donning a similar attire and lip-syncing to Arijit’s tracks is an effortless way to attain viral fame. Surprisingly, neither the young man nor Arijit Singh has issued any statement on the matter.