Check out the best songs of Yeo Jin-goo, Bae Suzy and Lee Joon-gi

Yeo Jin-goo, Bae Suzy And Lee Joon-gi’s Best Songs To Listen To While You Self-Isolate

For a country like South Korea, talent has never been a problem. The problem has always been ‘recognition’. That’s the reason, despite having some of the really talented musical artistes in the world, they were always lost behind the shadow of American music stars.But K-pop changed the equation entirely. Talking about South Korean music and K-Pop, three of their most popular artistes who enjoy an incredible amount of fan following all around the world are Yeo Jin-goo, Bae Suzy And Lee Joon-gi.

While Yeo Jin-goo’s husky voice is known for its voice-overs, the shrill and melancholy in Bae Suzy’s voice deserves all the attention of the world. And what can be said about Lee Joon-gi? He’s a multi-talented actor and singer who simply loves his craft. So today, we bring to you a list of some of their most popular tracks below which are perfect for your ‘self-isolation mood’. Take a look –

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