Check out some fun moments of the Indian team and Zoravar Dhawan together!

Fun Moments Of Shikhar Dhawan’s Son Zoravar With Indian Squad

The 6 years old Zoravar Dhawan has been one of the motivations for his father, Shikhar Dhawan. The Indian opening batsman has dedicated his time to his family too, apart from cricket. His strength has been his son, Zoravar. The father and son have got some really adorable moments together. But, apart from being his father’s favorite, the naughty star kid is also loved by the whole Indian squad.

Zoravar has been seen spending some time with Hardik Pandya too. The player wanted to get the same hairdo as of the kid. Pandya loves to play with the mischievous boy. Virat has also spent time with the kid and enjoying the moments. Zoravar was once seen in the arms of the captain and having some fun time on an occasion. Rohit Sharma once bribed the kid to be with him and spend some time.

The boy has got really adorable moments that can make you say “AWW”. The kid has been a bit naughty but cute too.

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