Star kids have been always an attraction like their parents. Here are some adorable moments of Samaira Sharma and Zoravar Dhawan that can melt your heart. Check them out!

Adorable Moments Of Samaira Sharma And Zoravar Dhawan

Samaira Sharma is the daughter of the renowned cricketer, Rohit Sharma. She is not only loved by her parents but also by many people for her adorable moments. She is one of the strengths of Rohit. The player once scored a century before the birthday of his daughter. Samaira is a gem for his father. She is the real motivation for Rohit to better in the matches.

On the other hand, Zoravar Dhawan is the son of Shikhar Dhawan, the notorious Indian cricketer. Zoravar has been so lovable by the people all around for his funny and mischievous behaviour. He was once seen putting salt on his father Shikhar’s head to grow hair. He has been playful and naughty.

Once the star kids of the cricketers were seen together. The 6 years-old Zoravar was holding an-year-old Samaira with a smile on his face. It was so cute and adorable to see the kids together and smiling. Aesha Dhawan, wife of Shikhar Dhawan once posted the picture of the kids together. They were also seen in a swimming pool. Zoravar was having fun with Samaira.

The two star kids can make anyone say “AWW”. Here are some pictures of them together.

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