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Star kids have always been a center of attraction. Here, Zoravar Dhawan has always appeared with some mischief and cuteness. Have a look!

Adorable Moments From The Cute Zoravar Dhawan

The 6-years-old son of Shikhar Dhawan, Zoravar has been of the naughtiest star kids. Zoravar has been so lovable by the people all around for his funny and mischievous behavior. The cricketer’s son has been seen in many matches, cheering his father.

He was once seen putting salt on his father Shikhar’s head to grow hair. He has been playful and naughty. He has also cheered his father and his team, Delhi Capitals for the IPL (Indian Super League) tournament in 2019. There is a high risk of getting your heart melted with his cuteness. He has completely become like his father. The naughty star kid has also been seen sleeping in the arms of Anushka Sharma. He looked so adorable.

Here are some adorable pictures of mischievous moments by Zoravar Dhawan.

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