The newly updated Google Wallet app for Android and Wear OS has been released by Google, enabling users to keep digital payment methods on their smartphone or smartwatch. Google Wallet, an all-in-one digital payment system that enables customers to make payments and transfer money directly from their phones or smartwatches, has been officially launched by the tech giant Google. The software contains data like credit and debit card numbers, loyalty cards, tickets to events like concerts or planes, digital identification, proof of immunizations, digital auto keys, and much more. Google Wallet will replace Google Pay for Australian users, who can now save payment methods but not the extended types of digital identity that Google Wallet will accept.

The business stated in a blog post that it was “also building seamless interfaces with other Google apps and services.” For instance, if you add a transit card from a recognized organization to your Wallet, Google Maps will immediately display your card and balance when you request directions. Before you get to the station, you can quickly tap and add a fare if your balance is getting low. Your Google Pay app will automatically update to Google Wallet if your Android device is configured to get updates automatically. You only need to upgrade Google Pay through the Google Play store if you don’t have automatic updates enabled.

Digital wallets are becoming more and more common in Australia, albeit they still only make up a small portion of the total payment market. About 10% of Australians, according to market research firm RFI Digital, leave their physical wallets at home when they leave the house and only use their digital wallet app. Additionally, they discovered that 37% of Australian smartphone users frequently make payments with a digital wallet app. Naturally, this indicates that the majority of smartphone users in Australia are not taking advantage of the payment options. One of the main reasons some people adopt new technology is to keep transactions and payment information secure.

However, Google claims that the Wallet app would be secure and give customers access to custom security settings. According to the business, “Privacy and security are at the core of Google Wallet, and we are giving granular choices for you to design a privacy experience that works for you.” Covid vaccination cards and other highly private items won’t be shared, not even across Google, without your consent.

Source: Your Life Choices

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