Google has provided new advanced services for its users as Google workspace will offer 1TB cloud space which was earlier only 15 GB. In addition, while e-mail specialization has already been advanced, now the Google workspace will be available in more places, inviting more people who can experience the technology and services Google provides.

Google, in its blog post, mentioned that one could have up to 100 different files in the Google cloud space, including PDF, CAD, documents, photos, and videos. Apart from this, it is being said that Google Drive now has extra built-in protection that will ensure that users don’t get into undetected malware by clicking on any link.

On the other hand, the workspace users will now have 1TB of cloud space, which was earlier only 15 GB. To access the 1 TB cloud space user does not have to do anything; it is free for all users worldwide. So every individual in the workspace will get 1 TB of cloud space free to store whatever they want.

The Tech giant Google is now making workspace available in many countries, including Thailand, Finland, Malaysia, Argentina, Taiwan, Indonesia, Belgium, Netherlands, the Philippines, and Portugal.

While Google is also working on many new features to make them available worldwide.

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