As part of a business test to make the prototypes into usable products, Google’s newest smart glasses will start to appear in public places.

A pair of smart glasses that can translate languages in real-time and project the correct text over the lenses was unveiled by Google back in May(Opens in a new window).

The business has been working with Google labs to improve the prototype. But now it’s interested in how the glasses work in natural settings. In a blog post on Tuesday, the business stated, “So starting next month, we aim to test AR prototypes in the real world. This will help us comprehend how these gadgets may benefit users in their daily lives.”

Initially, only a small number of Google personnel and “chosen trusted testers” who will be using the smart glasses will participate in the study. The same testers and staff members are required to complete “protocol, privacy, and safety training.”

The gadgets are intended for usage in open spaces and metropolitan settings. “It will assist us in accounting for elements like weather and congested intersections—which can be challenging, if not impossible, to properly duplicate indoors—as we design experiences like AR navigation,” according to the business. “The tests, however, won’t be conducted in or near places where children are typically present, such as schools, churches, hospitals, or governmental structures.”

Source: times of India