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An actor always wants large viewership – Ridheema Tiwari

The beautiful and talented Ridheema Tiwari, last seen in Vidya Balan’s film Begum Jaan and in Life OK’s Ghulaam is all set to fly off to Ahmedabad to attend the wedding of her dear friend Aashka Goradia.

Says the gorgeous actress, “Although Aashka and I never meet, yet we are close. She is a very good human being and I am happy that she has found a mate in Brent Goble who is a great human being. I wish them all the happiness. It is very tough to find true love these days.”

“We have known each other since a long time. Back then I would work in a bank, still finding my feet in the industry and she was doing Kkusum. One night I just asked her if I could stay with her having nowhere to go, and she immediately agreed. In this big city you hardly find such good souls. The time I spent in her house was precious and we got to know each other well. We both have seen a lot in life, both up’s and downs and have really grown as individuals.”

Coming to her TV career, after playing a loud and popular character like Maldawali, Ridheema is looking for juicy and interesting characters. “Sadly I am being offered similar kind of negative roles which disappoints the actor in me, who wants to do all kinds of stuff. Right now there is nothing happening, but I am sure something good is on the anvil.”

Ridheema first gained name with Sasural Genda Phool. She was also seen in Do Dil Ek Jaan and Love Marriage Arranged Marriage etc.

Talking more of her character in Ghulam, the lady avers, “I really had very good scenes as Maladwali towards the end. However, Life OK’s reach was limited. I did not get the audience I wanted. Having said that, Life OK got me this strong role. An actor always wants larger viewership, hence I am now looking for shows on bigger channels.”

Talking about Begum Jaan produced by Mahesh Bhatt Ridheema says, “I was a tough dark role of a prostitute. It pushed the actor within. Looking ahead, I would be open to lighter roles which will show the other side of my personality. I want a director who can see the light in me.”

“What gives me hope is that today several good concepts and small budget films are being made. The character need not be the lead but it should be something which makes you remember me,” states Ridheema as she signs off!!

May you get the role you aspire for, Ridheema!!

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