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Adhvik Mahajan happy with Divya Drishti show ratings

Audiences like heroic, rude brooding male leads – Adhvik Mahajan

Adhvik Mahajan of popular Star Plus fantasy show Divya Drishti is not very perturbed at always having to wearing  the scowl on his face as lead TV males are required, “in a way I am lucky I am needing to do this for the first , my earlier avatars saw me do different stuff in Bani Ishq  D   Kalma (he would cryand laugh) , while in Naagin 3 I was essaying a comic cop,” says the handsome actor.

“Having said that I guess the audiences like the male lead to be heroic, rude, brooding but yes that is only his exterior, inside he is supposed to be soft. If you question why male actor prototype look should you not also dwell on why female lead always have to be shown as  innocent  and soft?”

Indeed, good point.

Adhvik adds, “I guess this part of the Indian conditioning where the man is supposed to take care of his woman, like I am always there for my better half Neha, not that she needs me. Above all being the only male  character in the show Rakshit got lots of scene with all the major players in the show ranging from Divya (Nyra Banerje) , Drishti (Sana Sayyad) , Lavanaya (Mansi Srivastava)  and now  Pisachani (Sangita Ghosh),”

Adhvik is also very happy at the now rising numbers of the show (reached a new high this week), “The effort of  writing and creative team  in keeping  the story pacey and interesting are finally paying off. Producer Mukta Dhond knows what she wants. One more positive  is that we have great camaraderie and no bad news ever comes out of our set except for a couple of false  news suggesting  friction between Nyra and Sana and the  possible exit of the latter ‘s character .”

Point out that with ratings going up there are good chance that the show will now go well beyond December (show has got extension till then).  “I never look at ratings, for me the story is above everything else. I had even said that it is good if it continues even better if it does not, when the show was facing  possible exit.”

“I can do my best, beyond that is not my brief. To be honest, when I was first offered many of my friends advised me against taking it saying who will watch fiction on  Saturday and Sunday eve slot, which was then called dead , yet we have lasted so long and miles to go.”


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