IWMBuzz tells you what actor Chhavi Mittal does to motivate herself when she has a rough day. Read the story for more details

Chhavi Mittal reveals what she does to motivate herself when she has a low day

Chhavi Mittal is an actress and an entrepreneur who serves as an inspiration for many women. Apart from her body of work as an actor, she also happens to be the co-founder of the digital production company ‘Shitty Ideas Trending’ that has created some wonderful content over time.

Chhavi is looked upon as an inspiration for many women but at the end of the day, she too is a human being just like any other day who goes through different days, some good whereas some not so good. So how does Chhavi energize herself in such a situation? When IWMBuzz asked her on this, she said and we quote,

“Just like any other human being, I too have my share of good days and not so good days. But you can’t do much but to motivate yourself quickly for the day coming with a lot of positivity. Trust me when I say this but when I am low, I go to the bathroom and sit and just fill my mind with positive thoughts. You really get a lot of positive and productive thoughts there and it certainly works for me. I would love it if others give it a try as well.”

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