Erica Fernandes has brought out her inner chef and is whipping up some of her favourite dishes in the kitchen

Cooking for me is a big stress buster: Erica Fernandes

Actress Erica Fernandes is making the most of her time at home during this quarantine phase!

From binge watching television shows and movies to spending much needed quality time with her pet dog Champ, Erica has been catching up on all things she missed out on doing due to a hectic shooting schedule which was very active till a couple of weeks ago!

Also including one more long lost favourite into her must do list at the moment, Erica has taken up to cooking at home once again!

While she has always loved cooking, she never found the time to really cook for herself amidst her crazy schedule. But now with lots of time on hand no househelp at home right now due to the lockdown, Erica has brought out her inner chef and is whipping up some of her favourite dishes in the kitchen!

Speaking about her love for cooking, Erica shares,” I have always loved cooking for myself and everyone at home too, but due to my packed schedule in the last 1 year, I haven’t really gotten a chance to step into the kitchen. But now with some free time in hand and having to do all the work for myself, I decided to start cooking again. Cooking for me is therapeutic. Its a big stress buster and helps keep my mind occupied and diverted during these tense and uncertain times. Today I happened to make khatti dal and aloo methi ki sabzi. Tomorrow its going to be a chicken dish along with a vegetarian side dish. I cook based on whatever I am in the mood of eating, though there has to be a minimum of one vegetarian dish daily. I am pretty happy to have stepped back into the kitchen after long, and over these 21 days I really plan to cook to the best I can.”

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