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Like every expected Indian sanskari bahu, Prerna in Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 series has essayed the role with perfection and diligence.

Everything that makes ‘Prerna’ the perfect TV Bahu

Prerna Aka Erica Fernandes is playing the role onscreen very well, portraying the characteristics of an ideal daughter-in-law, be it at courtroom or home front.

She is a superwoman in the desi attire, she solves all the mess, be it room, kitchen or any wardrobe. She is superb at keeping good relationships besides solving every person’s issues.

As a perfect example of adjusting Bahu, Prerna is adjusting with the family of Mr Bajaj whom she married to save Anurag.

Everything that makes 'Prerna' the perfect TV Bahu 1

As a problem solver, she helped Anurag without showcasing it saving him from imprisonment. She is not willing to share her blackmailing aspect with Anurag, let him misunderstand her. She is more concerned with his and his family well-being and happiness rather than clearing the air. Mr Bajaj threatened her to ruin Anurag’s business and family if she doesn’t agree to marry her. She agreed to marry Bajaj to save Anurag from potential dangers.

As a sacrificial, she is willing to cope up with Anurag hatred so that he could move forward in his life forgetting her.

This onscreen sanskari bahu is always into looking the positive aspect of the characters. She forgets the bads easily which left an impeccable impression on others. like her precedent Indian onscreen ideal bahu, she is game for everything who will not say no to any work and can manage almost everything and anything for family.

Everything that makes 'Prerna' the perfect TV Bahu 2

As a perfect Indian daughter in law, she is an epitome of tradition and bonding among the member of the family. Her goodness can win everyone’s heart be it her prince charming or villain in the serial, Mr Bajaj. Bajaj’s little daughter is very happy with Prerna accepting her as a mom.

Everything that makes 'Prerna' the perfect TV Bahu 3

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