Faisal Khan takes up gymnastics for his role in Chandragupta Maurya

Faisal Khan takes up gymnastics for his character on Chandragupta Maurya!

Currently having stepped into the shoes of Chandragupta Maurya, powerhouse performer and super dancer Faisal Khan has made quite a fiery comeback on Indian television with this powerful role.

Having carved a good niche for himself in the historical genre after taking on his second show post Maharana Pratap, Faisal is going all out with some intense training in various forms to get into the skin of his character.

He recently took up to learning gymnastics to get into better shape for his role, which is mainly action-packed.”I especially took up to learning gymnastics for this show, as it is the one form of exercise that really helps in increasing speed and a good metabolism rate in the body. And that is exactly what I need for my warrior role at the moment. It is helping me maintain a good balance between keeping the bulk as well as broadness on my body.”

“The show currently has a lot of war and fighting sequences, for which a lot of body flexibility is required to shoot these scenes for long hours at a stretch, and that is the one thing gymnastics has helped me achieve. Other than that, I have managed to acquire a straight posture, a stronger physique and good stamina, which is helping me work well for the show’s current requirements. Overall, the wonders that gymnastics does to your body, is something even gymming cannot do!.”

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