Know more about 7 Bollywood siblings who failed to create an impact in the Indian entertainment industry

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The Indian entertainment industry is perhaps the only one that is most unpredictable and volatile regarding both success and failure. Unlike other significant sectors where you need a specific set of skill sets to ensure you enter that profession successfully and become a sensation among your colleagues or have some knowledge or talent atleast, the film Industry isn’t like that. The most unpredictable thing is that while your father or mother might be the biggest superstar, you aren’t going to eventually ‘inherit’ that stardom. On the other hand, you might be having no connection with the film industry, but after your bit of toil and hard work compiled with luck, you eventually become a great sensation. One of the best examples of the latter has to Shah Rukh Khan. The same goes for cricket. For example, Sunil Gavaskar is one of the finest cricketers that we have had. However, his son Rohan Gavaskar, who too played cricket, hasn’t done much in the game.

Arts and sports are perhaps the only fields where your family background or lineage doesn’t matter. All that matters is your skill and resilience; more often than not, you are just as good as your last film or innings. Whenever we hear about new actors, especially when they are related to someone who’s already very successful in the industry, comparisons are inevitable. While some eventually manage to conquer all odds and rise above all the challenges, some remain just the shadows of the more prominent personality. In the Indian entertainment industry, many such siblings have failed to create a good impact on par with their siblings. Let’s decode it a little more –

Uday Chopra: When you come from a family that owns one of the biggest production houses in the country (if not the biggest), you expect that it is very smooth and easy for the individual. Perhaps, Uday had it easy too. However, unlike the kind of impact that his brother Aditya Chopra managed to create with Yash Raj Films, Uday has yet to match up with it. Although he started well with movies like Mohabbatein and others, eventually, he started getting seen on-screen only in the sequels of Dhoom that would time and again be produced by YRF itself.

Shamita Shetty: Right from the beginning of her career, Shamita Shetty has been compared to Shilpa Shetty, a successful actress in the industry. After doing a few movies like Zeher, Fight Club and others, Shamita’s career didn’t take off the way she would have hoped. She stayed away from the limelight for the longest time, and the Bigg Boss reality show helped her regain some fandom and popularity again. However, we haven’t seen her much beyond that till now.

Tanishaa Mukerji: She’s the sister of one of the most popular actresses in the country, aka Kajol. During the initial phase of her career, she did a few movies in the later part of the 2000 decade. However, nothing worked, so she slowly disappeared from the limelight. Some of the work that she’s done include names like Neal ‘n’ Nikki, Tango Charlie & Unnale Unnale.

Sohail & Arbaaz Khan: When we talk about these two individuals, we have to come up with the disclaimer line in the very first place that they are not failures. Both Sohail and Arbaaz Khan have done their bit regarding acting and direction. However, when you are siblings of the one and only ‘Salman Khan’, you can’t do much about it, as getting overshadowed is only natural. Not everyone is Salman Khan at the end of the day, and that’s exactly what brings them to this list.

Amrita Arora: Her case is quite similar to Shamita Shetty’s. Just like Shamita Shetty started a few years after Shilpa when she was at the peak of her career, Amrita Arora, too, started doing movies way later after Malaika Arora was already a sensation. Although she’s been a part of successful movies in the past, most have been movies with an ensemble cast. Some of her best films are Girlfriend, Kitne Door Kitne Paas, Golmaal Returns, Kambakkht Ishq and others.

Isabella Kaif: When it comes to beauty, charm and grace, she’s pretty synonymous with her sister Katrina Kaif. However, when it comes to success in the Hindi film fraternity now, Isabella is different. To talk about movies, the only one worthy of talking about with some publicity was ‘Time To Dance’ alongside Sooraj Pancholi. It’s still early days for her in her career; well, there’s a long way to go.

Faisal Khan: Last but not least, we must discuss Faisal Khan, brother of India’s ‘perfectionist’ aka Aamir Khan. No matter whatever differences they have between each other in their personal life, we aren’t directly concerned about it. However, as far as the difference in the career graph is concerned, it is a huge one. While Faisal is perhaps known for just the ‘Mela’ movie that also featured Aamir Khan alongside him in the lead role, Aamir Khan is one of the biggest superstars in the country in today’s time. The difference in stardom between these two brothers is perhaps 10x more than Salman Khan’s difference with his two siblings.

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