Avneet Kaur’s presence in all the entertainment arenas is more than noticeable. It is unforgettable. Here are some reasons why.

Figuring out the multi-talented Avneet Kaur!

Avneet Kaur, who was formerly popular for doing Bournvita commercials and is now popular for starring in sitcoms and being a countrywide recognised social media starlet. Her journey through the industry hasn’t been easy. She started out at a very young age. She became a different person over the course of her career. The industry isn’t easy, everyone knows that. But, the industry does make you hard as nails once you get used to it. And, a very good example of someone hard as nails is Avneet Kaur.

She started her career on television through ‘Dance India Dance – Lil’ Champs’ on which she was a contestant. She first rose to fame with this show and then eventually she started getting several commercials and advertisements that shaped her acting prowess even more. It gave her one of the most important tools that an actor could have, versatility. The actress then jumped into television soap operas and succeeded with great aplomb in that realm. She started sharpening her skills and increasing the intensity of her portfolio, all at a relatively young age. Then she got her big break through Mardaani. This movie really brought out Avneet as an artist, even though her role was relatively small. She excelled in her performance. Just like that, Avneet created a name for herself and everyone was caught in Avneet’s web of undeniable talent and absolute hard work.

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