Amol Parashar is happy with the re-launch of Gabru and talks about the show and role.

Gabru is different from anything that has been on Indian TV ever – Amol ‘MC Money’ Parashar

Amol Parashar fans can hold their breath and get ready for the rapper to be in action now!!

Yes, Amol as MC Money will be on air with Discovery JEET’s Gabru: Hip Hop Ke Shehzaade (Still & Still Moving Pictures) all set for a re-launch.

In a conversation with, Amol talks about his show, his role and on the decision of the channel to re-launch the prime show.

Says Amol, “The channel and all of us have always been excited about the show. When it went off air, we knew that the plan was to bring it back with better promotion and at a different time, in the interest of the show. That was already communicated to us by the channel; so all of us were more than happy to wait a little more, because we all wanted the best for the show that we worked so hard on.”

“As I said, we always knew that the show was going to be back. I am definitely happy that we have the official date now and it is going on air again. I don’t know much about time slots but I have confidence in the channel and their experience and knowledge regarding these things,” Amol adds.

On the main challenge about playing the character of Gaurav / MC Money, Amol states, “Playing Gaurav/MC Money has been one of the most creatively satisfying experiences. There are so many ups and downs, so many transformations, and so many layers to Gaurav and his life. He is an extremely fragile person trapped in a cage of his own making. The challenge for me was to push myself emotionally. I invested more emotions than I thought I had. One some days, I used to come back from shoot emotionally exhausted, only to go back the next day and start punching through the scenes all over again. I wanted to make sure that Gaurav came across as a living, breathing person and not just a cardboard character.”

On his expectations with the launch of Gabru, the terrific actor speaks, “Gabru is coming at a different time now, which the channel believes is a better time for the show. I know that Gabru is different from anything else that is on TV right now. Maybe I can say that Gabru is different from anything that has been on Indian TV ever. Some people call it a risk, but what is life without some risks. I am eagerly waiting to see how the audience reacts to it.”

Amol who was recently seen in the VIU India series, It Happened in Hong Kong is happy and elated with the success the series has had. “Right now I am basking in the warm reception that ‘It happened in Hong Kong’ has got. I am very pleased with the reactions to ‘It Happened In Hong Kong’. It was a simple story with relatable characters. We made sure we made it as honestly as we could. The fact that it has received such warm responses means that the audience is willing to watch honest and relatable characters/story without any gimmicks. My respect for the young audience has increased manifold.”

Amol is a busy man with lots up his sleeve. “Also, I have just started shooting for a show for ALTBalaji with a fantastic director and a great ensemble of actors. The film ‘Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Rehta Hai’ is in the final stages of edit and should be ready for release soon. I am also writing a web show for a big production house. So hands are full right now, with some really interesting work.”

Rock on, Amol!!


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